As featured in Bon Appetit Magazine, L.A. Times, MSNBC and the San Francisco Chronicle;
Giovanni's Fish Market has just procured a contract with the only local and largest grower in North America, Shanley Farms to distribute the one and only "Finger Limes", aka "Citrus Caviar".  A fruit most of the world has never seen.

Finger limes are great in champagne, atop oysters, grilled salmon, sushi or any seafood.

To serve simply cut in half crosswise, squeeze while rolling, and the citrus caviar balls will just roll out of the limes to serve onto whatever you desire.
Finger Limes range in an assortment of colors ranging from different shads of green, brown, red and even black.  Rest assured that the taste and texture remain the same. 

Approximately 3 - 7 finger limes per package. Each package is 80 grams. 

Finger Limes