John Dory fillets are considered the epitome of fine seafood dining. An item that is only found on the menus of the finest white-tablecloth restaurants around the world. Comes from the pristine coastal waters of New Zealand.


Although John Dory has a rather uninviting appearance, rest assured it's one the most delicious fish you'll ever taste. Has a very delicate texture and when cooked correctly the flavor is simply amazing and incomparable. Recommended to bake very lightly in the oven, yielding a moist and delicate fillet.


If you're out to impress, John Dory is the go-to seafood option. 

John Dory

5 Pounds
    Please allow an additional 2-3 days to receive.
    Minimum order of 5 pounds. 

    Sold with skin-on.
    Approximately 2 fillets per pound.

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