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Everything You Need To Know About Including Dry Ice in Your Order

Updated: May 5, 2021

If you have ever ordered with us before, you have probably noticed the option to add Dry Ice to your order. If you are

unfamiliar with dry ice and what it does, it can be a confusing decision if you want to add it to your order, especially if you are not sure if you even need to add it or not. On this page will be everything you need to know about dry ice: when to add it, when not, how we price it, why we add the amount we do, and what to do once you receive your order containing dry ice.

When should I add and not add dry ice to my order?

When you are finishing up placing an order through Giovanni's, you have the option to add dry ice to your order on the part page. Adding dry ice to an order is never necessary, but is extremely helpful in keeping your already frozen products frozen throughout transit to avoid spoilage. Whenever you order anything from us that is advertised as frozen, you can add dry ice to your order. Make sure to pay careful attention to the product information section because they will include information on how the product is shipped: fresh or frozen. But when should you not add dry ice to your order? Do not add dry ice to the the following orders:

  • Live seafood (live crab, abalone, lobster, oysters, mussels, clams) because the dry ice will kill the live seafood.

  • When you are ordering an order of all fresh fish. When you order fresh fish, you wan to keep it cool, not completely frozen. Our standard is to ship fresh fish with frozen gel packs, which keep the fish cool, like a refrigerator. If you want to order fresh fish but will not be enjoying it for a while, you can always freeze the fish once you receive it, as most fresh fish is vacuumed sealed when shipped.

Add dry ice to the the following orders: