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Read what our customers are saying!

Hi Travis,
I just got my order and I am over the moon!!!!!
Those huge shrimp are exactly what I was looking for.
The salmon belly will become smoked salmon and of course, the other shrimp and crab legs are amazing. You are my new go-to fish market! Even with the shipping costs, your products are worth it.
Thank you, thank you


"Katie, I must compliment Giovanni’s on the products I have purchased from you. I sent my son 4 of the Gourmet Shrimp for 2 and a container of

your clam chowder. He is a foodie and was blown away, first by the presentation and then by the flavor and ease of preparation. The previous birthday

I gave him your abalone. He was in taste heaven!

Thank you for making it so easy for me to gift gourmet seafood. Soon I’ll treat myself to something delicious."



"Just to let you know how happy I was with my shipment!!   Everything arrived in record time - less than 24 hours, and everything was in good order.
In fact I have just finished canning about half the tuna (per instructions on your website).  It seems almost criminal since it cut like butter, but it
smelled heavenly during the canning process.   Everything else went into the freezer except for a small piece for supper tonight! I would also like to thank you for keeping me informed about the status of the order, delays, etc.  Excellent customer service! I live in northern NY but always visit your market when I am in California! Thank you again" -

-Suzanne Best 

You guys are great! Love the clarity of service. We look forward to squid steaks for New Year’s Eve! Rather an unknown here on the East Coast. My wife and I love Morro Bay and visit often. Sister Vikki lives in Avila. I grew up in CA. Ate my first abalone with my dad at Breakers in 1955 on the way to Carmel. We will be back in town in Spring! See you then and stay fresh! PS: Thank you for your refrigerator magnet AND a coupon for free shipping with our next order! Everything in the box was in perfect condition! Nice. Regards. 

-Tim Sturgeon (really! That’s my name!) 

"Thank you very much! I received one order today for my seafood Xmas eve dinner- more than in time. I can actually prep! You sent my dad's gift out too and might get there in time. I Ordered super later- can't believe you got it out so quickly and I so appreciate it! I've been ordering from you for several years n have never been disappointed. Quality seafood n shipping on time. Thank you and Happy holidays!"
-Arlene Kosic 


"Just received my Christmas gift, an Australian Lobster. Well packaged, still frozen. Was not disappointed of the size. Delivered in a timely matter. Thank you. You have your act together, nice."
-Craig Bowles

"We were accustomed to buying fish at Giovanni's when we lived in Cambria, but when we moved down south, to Pismo Beach, we went more locally...which didn't work out too well. We did drive up to Morro Bay to buy fish from G's on occasion and then, because of the virus, we stopped "live" shopping, anywhere, and I tried Giovanni's online with delivery."

"The first shipment brought back memories of shopping at their store because their fish is The Freshest in the area. Or, any area. We moved up here from San Pedro, which had wonderful fresh fish, being on the water. Giovanni's is The Best and the overnight shipping (which costs, yes, but so does driving up there!) is amazing because the fish comes to the door as fresh as if we bought it in the store. It is packed on a lot of ice packets; yes you're paying for it, but it is reusable and it does protect the fish investment!"

"Our favorites are California salmon (the alternative when CA salmon is out of season is always good too...just not quite the same fish), halibut cheeks and ahi (when available), and sometimes swordfish.
We freeze some of the fish and when we eat that 2-3 weeks later, that too is delicious and "fresh."
I'm not being paid for this review, I went prattling on because I love Giovanni's fish so much! "

-Lynn Monthaven


"I placed a first-time order last week for 11 pre-cooked Dungeness crabs. They arrived last Friday, and I have to tell you, this was a fabulous experience for me all around. The packaging was top-notch, the crabs were cleaned & cracked, individually wrapped, and were absolutely full of meat! We had seven of us eating them, and everyone was talking about how good they were! I will definitely be placing another order for them in the future! Thank you for such an exceptional experience, hard to find that today!! "
-Bob Braun 


Photo: Patrick MahoneyThis is a belated message from my order about two weeks ago. I placed an order (invoice #2982187) in late August for my father's 75th birthday. Due to COVID, I couldn't be there for it and I wanted to do something special. My father and I used to go salmon fishing together in the 90's and we have great memories of mostly not-catching fish and hanging out together. I ordered him a King salmon fillet and everything went smoothly, the fish arrived right on time and he loved the fish, appreciated the gesture and called me three times to tell me how wonderful the fish was, how well packed it was and that it was the freshest fish that he'd had in years. I wanted to say thank you for making my father's birthday special with your prompt delivery of a super fresh delicious fish that were packed really well. 
-Patrick Mahoney 


Photo: Larry DouthittI just wanted to let you know of the excellent service I received when I ordered from your company. I placed two separate orders and ask you to combine in the Special Instructions and you did that and saved me almost 60 dollars and I truly appreciate that. My order came a day late and I was fine with that because you left me a message advising me of this due to inclement weather. The packaging of the items was perfect. It took me a few minutes to get into but that was just fine. The products looked packaged perfectly and cannot wait to cook using some of the recipes on your website as I have never eaten some of the products I ordered. Tonight we are having the Clam Chowder with a Grilled Cheese as it is going to be in the teens tonight in Northwest Georgia. Keep up the Great Work and keep appreciating your employees as I can see they really care about you guys and your customers. I will talk to (yall) (as we say here) again.
-Larry Douthitt 


Just wanna thank y'all for being a constant and reliable source of my favorite fish (Sand Dabs). While many people east of the Mississippi "strive" to represent a west coast lifestyle, they fail to learn about delicacies like sand dabs. In the 80's I use to camp out on Jalama Beach with friends. We would eat all of the sand dabs that we could see. Thanks for keeping a memory alive for an old dude from Compton, CA. living in Chesapeake,VA. after a few various stops along the way.
-Jay Tucker 


We just want to express our great appreciation of your business. For the last two years, I've ordered our Christmas crab from Pikes in Seattle unaware of your existence. The orders we received from them were acceptable, but not exceptional. The order we received from you on the other hand, was outstanding. EVERYONE in the family remarked that this was the best crab in years. Just wanted you to know that all the way from ordering online, to shipping, to table was excellent. Please know that rarely do I take time to write a recommendation, but I could not ignore! You run a quality operation and I will certainly order from you again! Very truly
-Kathy Corzine 


Hey guys, Thanks so much! I was really nervous about ordering seafood online. I ordered two 20 oz Australian Lobster Tails. They arrived on time and were so fresh that no one would have known I didn't catch them myself. That is quite a feat considering that I live in Texas with 100 degree temps here every day. The lobster arrived cold, fresh, and still perfect in color. My wife and I enjoyed a delicious dinner. I will definitely be a returning customer. Very impressed with my first experience! Thanks again!
J-ohn Ashby 


Just a note to tell you how amazing your company is. My order arrived today and I LOVE it so much I had to let you know. Everything is perfect and delivered nice and cold too. This order was for our mutual birthday celebrations which will make it extra special for us. Our home was flooded from above which took no less than 1 year to repair. This is the first time I've had full use of my kitchen again, so will finally be making sushi unhampered. These pieces of fish are beautiful and I cannot wait to use them! Thank you so much for not placing packing peanuts inside this order too. At our ages, and in this location, it's hard to clean up a big mess, so it made all the difference and will make everything so much easier to recycle. Have a wonderful day, I know we will too.
-Lynn Cartwright 


Unbelievably delicious uni!! And arrived in beautiful ice cold condition. It was all I could do to keep from eating it all:) The smoked salmon is also superb! Thank you for wonderful products and also wonderful customer service!! Sincerely, A very happy customer :)
-Chris Kipper 


Ordered some king crab last week, was awesome, already reordered some more, love Giovannis, great C/S also, keep the awesome seafood coming!
-Dave Hargreaves 


Just wanted to thank you all again.  My neighbor from Maryland cried when she opened her soft shell blue crabs and last Xmas I got my dad some abalone from you which he hadn't had since the early '60s (we use to go and get them near the end of the mouth of the Russian River).  He thoroughly enjoyed those.  Anyways, I will be a customer for life and at the grocery store I work at I tell my customers all the time about you all and I hope everyone here in North Bend-Snoqualmie buys their hard-to-find seafood from you all or maybe you just need to open up shop here!!!!
-Bill Coppo 


Casey, again thanks to you & Nicky for helping us with our order.  We just ate the conch last night, thanks to you fixing the free freight for >$300 purchase, so I could order closer to $400 and not deal with the additional weight to get all the fish I wanted in 1 order!  Of course the Mahi has been good as always and appreciate your help putting it together for us.  Your company's extra efforts and high level of customer service is hard to find nowadays.   Back to you next month!
-Elizabeth and Gary Haring 


Hey there, I just wanted to say "thank you".  Three times I have ordered from you for delivery to my parents, and three times you have hit it out of the park.  Mom just called me to thank me for the huge lobster tail and oysters I ordered for her birthday.  Last time it was three dozen oysters (I think that was Father's day).  Before that, a couple of large, live Dungeness for Mother's Day (yes, I gave my Mom crabs for Mother's Day).  I couldn't be happier, because Mom and Dad were so happy.  I will never be your biggest customer, but I will always be your biggest fan!  Thank you again.
-Glenn Forbes 


I'd just like you to know that my order of oysters arrived early evening.  They were cold and in perfect condition.  I made oyster stew, following your recipe, and it was DELICIOUS!  My husband is asking for more.
Diane Karch 


I got my order in today and I am completely amazed.  The soft-shell crabs were awesome and the thresher shark was simply amazing!  The favorite was the live shrimp, it was phenomenal.  I will be ordering again and again.  Thanks so much!
-Ron Neep 


I just wanted to send you a personal thanks on the order below.  It was a birthday order for my father of Dungeness crab and they were delicious.  I was impressed with how well you packed for transit, and I am confident the package would have been okay if there had been a day of extended transit.  Thanks again for a job very well done.  I will definitely be recommending you to my friends and family.
-Andy Cignatta 


I just wanted to thank you for including the free shark jerky you sent with my order...I tried it when my order arrived today and it was delicious!!!  I have ordered from you 3 times now for over $300.00 each time...all I can say is when I can afford it, I will without a doubt keep ordering from you...your quality is above my both your products and the shipping...just great!!!  May God the Holy Trinity bless you always with the loving protection and prayers of the blessed virgin Mother Mary & St. Joseph+++ Thank you again.
-Christopher Thomas Sayer 


The halibut fillets are amazing!  I followed your "Roasted Halibut with Walnut Crust" recipe and it was as delicious as it was beautiful.  I also purchased the salmon heads, and followed your "Salmon Head Soup" recipe, and that too, came out beautifully.  This was just my first order, but the overnight shipping and quality of your products (so fresh and tasty!) will bring me back again.  First class!
-Nancy Oyer 


Compliments to you on your FABULOUS fish!!  This is my second tasting and it is the best.  King Crab Merus are so tender and delicious also the Mahi Mahi.  Still have so many more to enjoy!!  Thanks for the great customer support from Brett.
-Mary Ann Tramontozzi 


We ordered Jumbo King Crab for Valentine's Day. This was our first order with Giovanni's. We are huge seafood lovers and without a doubt the King Crab was absolutely the best we have ever had! Thank you for your commitment to excellence! We appreciate you making this a special meal for us! I will most definitely post your company information on my blog so that many of my clients may also enjoy your seafood!
-Wendy Lynn Rogers 


Thank you for the 30#'s of black mussels. They arrived so fresh. Though I had only 14 for dinner, (plus had a 17.7 pound ham which was great), all wanted the mussels. My biggest eater had 7 servings!! LOL You have made me a repeat customer. Each year I fly in a live seafood course. I have usually been disappointed with the product received, (not as described nor fresh). You are my fish monger from now on! Thanks for making my Christmas so special for me and my guests.
-Gregory Wester 


We have ordered fresh Dungeness Crab from Giovanni's a couple of times.  The crabs are beautiful, they arrive in great condition when they say they're going to arrive and the price is really pretty reasonable for fresh seafood delivered to Georgia from California.  I will continue to use Giovanni's when I have a craving for Pacific seafood.  Great job!
-Thad Peterson 


Photo: Vicki MooreColorado isn't known for its seafood, so I love being able to shop online and get fresh seafood delivered the very next day!  Their crab cakes are awesome.  I love shopping at Giovanni's!
-Vicki Moore 


We live in Arkansas (originally from CA) and the only way we can get fresh fish and Dungeness crab is by ordering it from Giovanni's.  The service is always overnight mail (FEDEX) and the fish/seafood is always fresh and delicious.  Thank you!!!
-Robert Sodeman 


Just wanted to express my thanks for the perfect delivery of some great-tasting King Salmon.  My King Salmon order was cut exactly as requested, neatly packaged in freezer ready sealed wrap and arrive chilled to perfection.  My thanks to your people who render that quality service from a very happy customer.  
-Calvin Baker 


Just got my order.  I am pleased and I will be back.  Dungeness crab is not in season and hard to find especially not frozen.  This was delicious and jalapeno crab spread I should have gotten two.  
Yolaunda Neicey McCrary 


The abalone I purchased from you..OH MY GOSH!!! HEAVEN....Thank you..Very hard to get. Glad I found you!! Will be ordering more...
Linda Henris 


I received my order last night (about 7pm) from UPS.  It was still over 100 degrees out here in northern California when it got to my home.  My shipment arrived perfect.  Thank you for taking extra care with my order in this heat wave.  I can't wait to enjoy my fresh fish.
Dawn Fairbrother 


Thank you so much. My Dad LOVED his Birthday crab! The first night they dipped it in lemon & butter. The next morning it was Norwegian Breakfast of crab and egg followed that night by Crab Louie salad. Finally the next day, they finished it off with crab cakes! I got a phone call after each meal!Thanks again! You guys are great!
-Kim Stitsky 


Received my order of 15 pkgs. of Langostino this afternoon in excellent condition. Your orders are always so very well packed and they remain frozen. Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know how happy I have been ordering from you and will continue to do so.
-Donna Skelton 


I want to thank you for your great service! I called at the last minute, the woman that handled my order was very sweet and was able to include my order in the afternoon delivery of the day I called enabling my package to arrive on Saturday the 22nd. My friend said the fish was fresh and delicious.I will definitely be back for more!
-Joni Hamilton 


Our crab delivery on Friday was short by 1 crab (simple mistake but an issue due to Christmas). I called Casey who tried many options & eventually found a way to FedEx the missing crustacean plus one. My mother was so grateful & impressed, her comment was "we're not waiting for another holiday to order crabs, and next year ALL our seafood will be coming from Giovanni's". Your motto "expect the best" is completely true for your product, customer service, and kind employees. Thank you!
-The Ingrande Family 


Just received my order and wanted to thank you and staff for such great service. This is my second order from you and I will definitely continue to use Giovanni's in the future. Thanks!
-Heather Alderson 


My order arrived as promised and it is wonderful, thank you so much! The cod is so fresh and clean, such a wonderful taste! I've made it with a parmesan sauce (broiled) which was just yummy and baked in foil packets with tomatoes and onions.
Joya Heart 


The 5lbs of sand dabs I ordered yesterday arrived today at 12:00 noon in fine shape. Excellent packing. Thank you. I wish I had found you folks ten years ago. Am recommending you to everyone I know.
Fred Hermon 


Just wanted you to know that the birthday box I sent to my brother in El Dorado Hills was a success. I ended up with two Dungeness Crab Quesadillas, a jar of Clam Chowder and a tub of the Jalapeno Crab Spread which was judged as "killer". Thanks for another gift from Giovanni that arrived on time, fresh and was appreciated.
-Lisa Miro 

Thank you Giovanni's for the lightning speed shipping and great seafood!
-Ana Sariego 

I would just like to take a moment and thank you for such wonderful service. I received my one pound of Ahi last night and had a wonderful feast...I am a sushi snob and you passed the test. This is the beginning of a wonderful relationship!
-Marcus Henry 

Just a note to say THANKS! It was like Christmas for these two Californians transplanted to Iowa. Outstanding service and everything looks great. Will be back for more...much more!
-Nancy Reels 


Our smoked albacore arrived and it is even more gorgeous than i remember. For about 20 years now we've been trying to find a smoked albacore to compete with the albacore that we bought in your storefront while exploring Morro Bay. Why it's taken us this long to see if you shipped i'll never know. we even bought a smoker soon after our return from the coast, but Ohio & Florida aren't known for their albacore! anyway ... we will be sharing with friends and relaying our story. Hope to bring you even more business. I can't wait to try it!
-Linda Filer 


Recently bought your abalone with great apprehension after experiencing farm raised abalone at a San Francisco restaurant which frankly was horrible. By contrast, I followed your recipe to the letter and was delighted with the result. Will undoubtedly re-order in the future.
Philip D Bogdonoff 


Ordered 6 Dungeness crabs on Tuesday received them early Wednesday, ice cold, ice packs still frozen! wonderful! fresh and delishous. Thank you for the excellent service.
-Nancy Green 


Just wanted to thank you for an excellent product. We ordered the rock crab claws, clams and mussels for a family crab boil. The seafood arrived as promised and looked fantastic! We live in Colorado Springs, and let's just say the seafood here is less than impressive. So we decided to have some shipped for a celebration dinner. It was awesome! We usually only do the crab boil on vacation to southern California but now we can do it at home. We will definitely be repeat customers! Keep up the good work!!
- Greg Hudson 


Thank you for the wonderful, fresh seafood. I found your site while looking for Sushi Grade Ahi Tuna and was amazed at the selection you offered. Your customer service is outstanding and the the seafood was HEAVEN on a plate. My husband and I were so impressed that I ordered more seafood 2 days later. Thank you for the experience and you will have a customer for a long time to come.
Debbie Dancer 


I bought 2 Australian 24oz lobster tails from you recently and I have to say it was the BEST quality tails I have ever had. Your customer service is incredible as well. The tails where delivered at perfect condition and packed perfectly. I have referred many people to your company on Face Book and by word of mouth. I look forward in purchasing your products in the future. Great Job!!!!
Dave Mizrahi 


I have to say I ordered The Abalone steaks from your company on the Thursday before father's day. Being in the e-commerce business, fish was something I was cautions about ordering online. I thoroughly read all the information on your site and was aware the my late east coast Thursday order would ship Monday of the following week. After reading a lot of reviews I was confident that I had found the right company and it was worth the risk. I ordered the Abalone steaks for my father who always wanted to try them, I prepared by printing a picture of the Abalone to put in a Father's day card so he can see his gift they would be arriving after father's day. Much to my surprise the order was processed within a matter of hours and shipped that same day. My father received the package on Friday and everything was perfect, everything from the shells to the note saying Happy Fathers Day, even the packing list did not have any pricing on it. In Fact I was able to cook the Abalone on Fathers Days for him. Your service was perfect and I realize that extra attention must have been given by your team to get Father's day orders out in time. Bravo to Your Company, and your attention to detail. I can assure you that you have gained several repeat customers.
-Gennaro Calabrese 


I received my 6 beautiful Australian Lobster Tails today....THANK YOU!!!!! They look great...and were packaged beautifully....I totally see why your store is rated so high.
-Linda Cummings 


Photo: David NanosI purchased the Hamachi and Ahi Tuna the other day and it was AWESOME!!! Best sushi ever!!! Friends where raving on how fresh the fish was!! I will be ordering more in the near future and I am passing your name on to friends!! "Very Happy Customer" Thanks
- David Nanos 


I ordered Scalone Steaks and some of the large white prawns for a present for my husbands birthday. They were absolutely wonderful and the prawns had no "fishy" taste whatsoever! Great customer service and great fish! We will be ordering again.
-Susan Harthun 


-Donald Memering 


Just wanted to let you know that we cooked the delicious Albacore that we ordered a couple of weeks ago. SUPER DELICIOUS!!! It was packaged perfectly. The fillet job was right on! Every time we get an order from you we can't believe how fresh the seafood is. The quality of your products is superior!
-Mary Swett Gambalie 


You are awesome! I surprised my husband with abalone for his birthday this past weekend-he has been talking about how he used to have it when he worked on the West Coast and he never thought he'd have it again. I used to live in Seattle and missed the fresh Dungeness crab, so got that too. We feasted for two nights thanks to you, your careful packaging, prompt shipping and quality seafood! You've acquired two new customers for life!
Debbie Fratter 


Everyone has to try this fresh seafood source from CA. Gio is an outstanding person to deal with. His products are as fresh as if you were dining at a restaurant by the beach in CA. I have been ordering for a few years now and it is never anything but perfect!
Susan D. Foster 


WOW !!The lobster claws are as advertised: huge!The caviar roe jaw-dropping good !The breaded calamari has me salivating. THANK YOU !You and your staff are to be congratulated for your sterling operation overlooking Morro Rock!!
-Bob B. 


Dear Gio and staff, so, we got our Manila clams the day of our clam bake.....With about 15 people there to feed, I was a little nervous about taste and amount of food.....well, let me tell you....EVERYONE RAVED!!! Your clams were FANTASTIC!!!! I used to clam dig in San Diego EVERY summer when I was little and your clams were EXACTLY like I remember! They melt in your mouth! Thank you so much for making our clam bake party a HUGE success!!!
-Tanya Dwyer 


Just a note of THANKS to you for our recent purchase from your market! Your follow-up and notification when shipped was great. The crab was so fresh and wonderful, as was everything!! We will be ordering from you again. Thank you so much!!!
-Kathryn Duncan 




Gio, the 20 lb pkg of Ahi you sent via FedEx arrived on schedule, despite our overnight blizzard (2 1/2 feet of snow). I was a commercial fisherman for several years and I still do lots of sportfishing. I know good fish when I get my hands on it. The Ahi you sent wasn't was GREAT. I'll order from you again when this stuff is gone. Thanks again.....
-Ray Fowler  Commercial Fisherman


Just wanted to let you know that the box arrived just in time for big dinner yesterday, and everyone RAVED about how great the crabs were......big, meaty and delicious. They were well packed, and although very lifeless....they were all alive and fresh and easy to manage into the pot. I am so glad to know of your company as a resource.....and several east coast people at the dinner put your info into their files for their future use. Thanks for your great service and superior product, and look forward to ordering more from you soon.
-ohn Taylor 


I have ordered seafood from several companies online. Never have I experienced the excellent customer that I have had from Giovanni's. Immediate response and contact. I will definitely recommend all my friends to you.


When my family makes a trip to Morro Bay the first stop we make is Giovanni's - usually before we check into a motel or vacation rental. Today's rainy day special e-mail had me REALLY craving fish and chips! Where I live in the Sierra's today was high winds and sleet w/snow predicted for the next couple of days. Guess I'll have to wait for the delicious taste of Giovanni's for a few more weeks. Have never had anything there that we didn't love.
Lee Ericksen-Mccomb 


We received the beautiful king salmon the we had ordered on Wednesday. What a beautiful fish! We baked it with a filling of roasted onions and fennel with balsamic vinegar. It was delicious...moist and wonderful! Thank you for helping to make our Christmas Eve dinner a real success. Best wishes for a happy new year!
-Anna and Keith Milliken 


"Good Morning, Gio and All.  Once again, my seafood box arrived in pristine condition! The cod was of the best quality I've experienced...having a husband who enjoys long-range fishing and who provides fresh ocean fish, I know of what I speak! Of course, I just had to 'sample' MY Dungeness crab, too. Being born and raised in San Francisco truly makes me a "Dungeness Crab Connoisseur" and your product is perfection from the sea!"
-Sue Osterman 

"Received the swordfish steaks and halibut, WOW could not have been any sweeter, they made a great bar-b-q. Again Thank you for your replacement of the crab order."
-Gilmer Brush 


"When my husband first bought me to eat here I didn't expect much because we travel all the time but I have to say I was at a loss for words your the best and we come here to eat twice a year our seven-year-old loves you.  You guy's are our favorite place to eat fish."
-Beatrice Rojas  Dinuba, CA


"Love the new addition, especially with gas costs up. We've always come down for a crab cocktail when we get fresh fish from you, and now we can relax in the patio. Very cool! You're a GREAT FISHING FAMILY! We love you for it!"
-Susan H. 


"I wouldn't buy fish anywhere else!"
-Carole LaRiviere 

"We have shopped at Giovanni's for so many years and have never been disappointed. "
-Bill & Polly Bruner 

**Alaska and Hawaii beginning at $75

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