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Methods for Cooking A Whole Fish

Purchasing a whole fish is more affordable than purchasing filets but it does require a bit more attention as you will need to gut and scale the fish and there will be bones to contend with once cooked. On the other hand, a whole fish in itself, is an excellent vessel for cooking! Popular methods include grilling, roasting, steaming and frying all of which produce a moist, scrumptious result. Ask any chef and they'll tell you the best way to cook fish is to cook it whole. The meat retains the juice and meat stays tender compared to cooking fish fillets. Order your Whole Rock Fish Monday - Thursday by 12:00 pm to have it delivered from our dock to your door by tomorrow. A common question we get is, how do you cook a whole fish? We have got you covered. Checkout this collection of handy cooking videos showcasing methods to cook your whole fish.

Grilling a Whole Fish A simple preparation method, clean your whole fish, season and grill. Click the video to learn how to prepare Veracruz Grilled Whole Rockfish.

Roasting a Whole Fish Another fool proof method to prepare your whole fish. Click the video to learn how to prepare Herb Stuffed with Garlic Dill Butter Whole Rockfish.

Steaming a Whole Fish Requires you have an appropriate steaming setup in your kitchen, if you do, then give it a try. Click the video to learn how to prepare Steamed Cantonese Whole Fish.

Frying a Whole Fish Most likely the most popular method of cooking a whole fish. Not the healthiest but definitely a crowd pleaser. Click the video to learn how to prepare Caribbean Fries Whole Fish.

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Good luck!!!

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