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Wild Caught Salmon vs Farmed Salmon

What's the Difference Between Wild-Caught & Farm-Raised Salmon?

When you buy fish at Giovanni's Fish Market, you will see some salmon labeled "farm-raised" and some labeled "wild" or "wild-caught." Yes, they're both salmon, but they're very different. What is the difference? Great question! Here's what to expect from salmon, whether you go the farmed or wild route:|

Wild Caught Salmon What does wild salmon mean? Well, wild salmon, is caught in the wild. Our local fisherman fish off the Pacific coast to fish the salmon in their natural habitat. So, when you buy wild salmon, you are supporting our local fisherman! What does wild salmon taste like? The reason that cooks buy wild salmon is for the flavor. A happier, healthier, free-roaming salmon offers more salmon-y flavor and a deeper color of meat. An intense and vibrant color indicates it is a wild-caught. The farmed salmon is pinker in color— as will the flavor, wild-caught salmon tends to be a lot more savory and taste. How do I cook it? Wild salmon meat is leaner than farm-raised. The fat content can vary from species to species, but in general wild salmon needs to be cooked carefully as overcooking it can dry it out and it may become tough in texture. It’s excessively important to cook the wild salmon to no more than medium..unless you like dry fish! Recipe Idea: Boost your BBQ skills with our Salmon Cedar Plank Roasted & we sell the Cedar Planks, too!

Where do I buy wild caught salmon? Giovanni's Fish Market, of course! Click here to order King Salmon - Wild California or our Coho Salmon.

Farm-Raised Salmon What is Farm-Raised Salmon? The term refers to salmon that was raised on salmon farms (yes, there are salmon farms), not in the wild. Salmon farm's operations vary a lot. Farmed salmon flavor and texture will differ in the same way that a mango farmed in Hawaii differs from a mango farmed in Mexico.

What does farmed salmon taste like? Farmed salmon is what you most likely think of when you think of salmon. It’s a bit fatty with a mild flavor, and the meat is a soft pink color. you can clearly see the striations of fat, which create those big fleshy flakes when cooked. How do I cook farmed salmon? The beauty of farm-raised salmon is that it is hard to mess it up when cooking, thanks to its high-fat content. You can cook farmed salmon to medium-rare (maybe slow-roast it), and if you prefer, take it further, without worrying about the meat drying out. Recipe Idea: Try out our delicious Salmon Cakes or our Salmon with Wasabi Sauce and Baby Bok Choy. Where do I buy farmed caught salmon? Buying farm-raised salmon is a sustainable seafood option. Giovanni's works with only the highest quality salmon farmers with rigorous standards that produce the best quality. We look for salmon raised in a low-density environment focused on raising clean healthy fish that most closely mirror the wild animal while maintaining the highest level of environmental standards. Hop on or give the market a call and ask what species of salmon are available. King salmon (also known as Chinook Salmon), Wild Sockeye, and Coho (also known as silver salmon)are wild-caught favorites. Farmed salmon are also good choices for those just learning to cook salmon or when you would like to enjoy salmon during the off-season. Remember we offer overnight shipping across the country and if you order $300 or more the shipping is free when using the SHIP4FREE promo code!

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