Buy California Halibut Online! Save when shopping Giovanni's BIG BOX Collection. Enjoy a 10lb box of delicious California Halibut. Giovanni's Halibut are caught locally here on the California coastline by our local fisherman and flash frozen for freshness. Unloaded on our docks and filleted within hours of being caught. The freshness and quality of California Halibut is unmatched by any other fish. Just imagine Alaskan Halibut but SO fresh that the fillets look translucent white.


Shipped boneless and skinless, typically packaged in a single, thick, one-pound piece, looking quite impressive to the eye. Fillets are very mild and firm, and best cooked on the barbecue or baked in the oven. You can even deep-fry the Halibut just like we do here in our restaurant.


Checkout our California Halibut Fillet by the pound page for smaller orders. 

Big Box California Halibut Fillet 10lbs

10 Pounds
  • Wild Caught
    Product of California