California Spiny Lobster for sale online!

Whether you're looking for a tail for the "Surf and Turf," or a whole bugger split in half to Bake or BBQ, no lobster in the world can touch spiny.  Our Live Lobster are "California Spiny Lobster" the West Coast equivalent of the World Famous "Australian Lobster". These guys live in the warmer waters off the south coast of California. If it's super sweet succulent white chunks of meat you desire, then look no further.  Sweet and succulent taste with flavor different from anything else you've tasted, California Spiny Lobster makes any occasion a special one.

Live California Spiny Lobster - Live

  • Price per lobster.

    For orders places as live; We ship them live in an enclosed insulated box with a sufficient amount of frozen gel packs. The expectations of the live lobster(s) is they will be weak from transit. The lobster(s) should be cooked within 24 hours of arrival. 

    .   Product of California
    .   Each Lobster weighs approximately 1.25 - 1.75 pounds