Escolar is a delicious, oily, white fish that is most commonly seen in Sushi restaurants. Excellent for Sushi and Sashimi, and every Japanese restaurant yearns to have this on their menu. Often times called "White Tuna" or "Butterfish." Although Escolar is often a bycatch of Tuna and similar looking, the tastes are much different. Texture is best described as a dreamy-velvety, firm fish.


Escolar is found in deep, tropical waters around the world. Giovanni's sources Escolar directly from Hawaii, flown in FRESH once ordered. The medium sized fish are deep ocean bottom feeders that have very high oil contents, and should be consumed in small quantities. Certainly a delicacy that's not to be missed during your Sushi dinner!


4 Pounds
    Minimum order 4 pounds. 
    Please allow an additional 2-3 days to receive
    Escolar is shipped vacuum sealed in 1 pound protions.


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