Our hand-picked lobster meat works perfect if you want to enjoy the succulent taste of lobster without all the hassle. The Lobster meat is freshly cooked, hand picked from the claws and knuckle and then quickly frozen. Simply thaw and serve chilled, or sautee' for about 2 minutes and serve hot with a side of melted butter. The meat is perfect for the famous Maine Lobster rolls, or goes great over pasta. Giovanni recommends you try the to-die-for "Lobster Mac and Cheese"! Includes meat from the lobster, (CK): Claws and Knuckle.

Checkout our Langonstino Meat page for an alternative to this product!

Lobster Meat

  • Lobster Meat will ship as Thawed from Frozen.  If you prefer your lobster meat to arrive in a solid frozen state, please select DRY ICE option at Checkout.