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Grilled Fish Gio's Way

Grilled Fish Gio's Way

"This is my personal "Crowd Pleaser" When I have company."

Giovanni DeGarimore --
Owner, Giovanni's

Light BBQ set on Med-High, and let grill get nice and hot approx. 20 minutes. Clean grill with metal brush, then wipe done with an oiled rag, till clean. Take the Fish fillets (Halibut, Sea bass, Salmon Etc.) , and make sure they are cut into serving size pieces 6-8 ounces, and will fit on a spatula when time to turn. Rinse fish, and pat dry. In a Pyrex dish add the following: 1 stick real butter, 1 lemon cut in half and squeezed (leave peel in glass) ground pepper, herbs of your choice.. dried is fine, fresh is better, I USE: thyme, AND oregano, and sometimes rosemary if I'm in the mood. (2) cloves fresh crushed garlic (Not pre-crushed) and some coarse sea salt about a few pinches. If you like a little zip, you can add a pinch of crushed red pepper flake, and I also like using fennel seed, (But you have to like that flavor) so anyway the rosemary, red pepper, and fennel, are all really good, but optional nonetheless. Put the Pyrex in the microwave, and let all those things "get happy" FOR ABOUT A MINUTE, until all melted and incorporated, mix it around a bit. Take fish, can of PAM spray, and Pyrex cup with a basting brush to the BBQ. Baste one side of all the fillets with the butter/herb/lemon/garlic mixture. (butter will slightly coagulate, this is ok). After all pieces are heavily basted (chunks and all) spay a heavy coat of Pam over the entire grill, till SHINY. (Don't Blow yourself Up!) **Giovanni's claims no responsibility for injuries arising from this step** IMMEDIATELY place the fish (BUTTER SIDE DOWN) on the shiny surface of the grill, BEFORE the PAM evaporates.
Once all the pieces are down, now baste the tops of the fish fillets with more of the butter goodness, but save enough for a final topping at the end. Let fish cook to 75% doneness (till edges are slightly browned, and the fish is white all across) Figure about 10 minutes or so...
Flip the fish using a single, quick, sharp, scraping motion with the spatula, and try to not let the fish stick. Try to spray a little PAM on the area you intend on flipping the fish to (say the area directly adjacent to the current position of the fish). Now you should see nice brown grill marks on the fish tops, If you don't, you either a) didn't have the heat up high enough, or b)you didn't let it cook long enough. Now pile the remainder of the buttery chunky goodness evenly over the fillets, close the lid, and let the fish cook another 5 Mins. Serve Immediately. Great with Rice, Fresh Grilled Veggies, a Fresh Salad, and Hot Crusty Bread with Salt & Olive Oil.

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