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Get Crackin' - How to Throw the Ultimate Crab Feed at Home

Updated: 18 hours ago

Crab feeds are a beloved tradition in many coastal communities, and for good reason. There's something special about gathering with friends and family to crack open fresh, delicious crab and enjoy a casual, festive atmosphere. But what if you don't live near a crabbing hub or want to avoid the crowds at a restaurant? With a little bit of preparation, you can easily

throw a crab feed at home that's sure to impress your guests. Here's how to get started.

1. Choose your crab supplier.

The key to a successful crab feed is, of course, the quality of the crab. If you live near a coastal area, you may be able to purchase fresh crab from a local fisherman or seafood market like Giovanni's Fish Market. Alternatively, you can order live or cooked crab from a reputable online supplier like Make sure you research your options and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure you're getting high-quality sustainable seafood.

2. Gather your supplies.

In addition to the crab, you'll need a few key supplies to make your crab feed a success. Here's a basic list:

  • Large pots or steamers to cook or reheat the crab (An oven works too!)

  • Crab crackers and picks to break open the shells. (or order pre-cracked)

  • Bibs or aprons to protect clothing (easily found on Amazon)

  • Lemon wedges, melted butter, and dipping sauces for the crab

  • Side dishes like bread, salad, and potatoes

3. Plan your cooking process.