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Thanksgiving Seafood Recipe Ideas

Impress your holiday guests this year with something new. Seafood is a great alternative to the traditional Thanksgiving turkey, side dish or appetizer. This Thanksgiving collection of seafood recipes features ingredients such as crab, lobster, abalone, salmon, oysters, shrimp and more. We think seafood pairs perfectly with traditional Thanksgiving dishes. From Cioppino to stuffing, these recipes are the perfect compliment to your Thanksgiving dinner. Giovanni's Fish Market ships fresh and frozen seafood, overnight from coast to coast. Last day to order your seafood for Thanksgiving is November 23 at noon (Pacific Standard Time)!!! LOBSTER THERMIDOR

Lobster Thermidor is a delicious French dish. Our Australian Lobster Tails are cooked to perfection in a rich wine sauce. This elegant dish is a show stopper and a gastronomical wonder. CIOPPINO - ITALIAN SEAFOOD STEW

This Italian seafood stew is very popular with Giovanni's customers and is a holiday favorite. This one pot dish is perfect for those looking to simplify the holiday cooking schedule. Stir up a batch of homemade Cioppino sauce in a big pot, add your favorite seafood and warm a loaf of sourdough bread. Our favorites seafood additions include Dungeness crab, shrimp, halibut, mussels and clams but feel free to pick an choose your favorites. . GIOVANNI'S CRAB CAKES

Quite possibly the best tasting crab cakes you'll ever have! Each crab cake is handmade using the freshest ingredients with the perfect blend of seasonings. Simply brown the crab cakes in butter and serve with your favorite sauce. A fast, easy and elegant holiday appetizer or side dish. KATIE'S BACON WRAPPED JALEPENO & CRAB POPPERS

Katie's bacon wrapped Jalapeno and crab poppers are a spicy and delicious addition to any holiday meal. These poppers easy to prepare with our homemade Jalapeno Crab Spread and are sure to please your guests. SMOKED SALMON SPREAD

Made with our own in house smoked salmon, dill, green onions, and cream cheese, our Smoked Salmon spread is delicious on crackers or fresh baked bread. A quick, easy, elegant solution to this years Thanksgiving menu. PAN FRIED ABALONE TENDERS

Rich and tender with a buttery, mild flavor best describes Abalone. Treat your Thanksgiving guests to a very special side dish. Perhaps the most decadent seafood appetizer on the planet, these Pan Fried Abalone Tenders are sure to please your foodie friends and family.


Jazz up your traditional Thanksgiving dinner with this savory oyster and bacon stuffing. Oyster stuffing is a classic Thanksgiving side dish served on the East Coast. If shucking a bunch of fresh oysters on Thanksgiving day is unappealing, order our easy to use fresh shucked oysters. Click here for additional seafood recipes!

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