Buy Alaskan King Crab Merus Sections Online

King Crab "Merus" Sections are the highly prized "Jumbo Chunk" largest section of the leg from the King Crab.  These sections have a sweet flavor, tender texture, and inside is ONE huge Chunk of snowy white meat.  Chefs and Restaurants usually reserve these only for VIP guests or Celebrities, and these are considered the Best of the Best, used only to Impress...  Simply thaw, remove shell, and add to your favorite crab recipe.  Great for chowders, salads and gourmet crab recipes.

King Crab Merus

SKU: 0004
  • Sectioned off of Red King Crab. 1-3 pieces per pound.

    King Crab Merus will ship as Thawed from Frozen.  If you prefer your crab to arrive in a solid frozen state, please select DRY ICE option at Checkout.