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Smoked Thresher Shark

Shop with  Giovanni's Fish Market and savor the exquisite delight of our Smoked Thresher Shark!


Our Smoked Thresher Shark is not just a delicacy; it's a testament to our commitment to superior quality and artisanal craftsmanship.

Known for its mild taste and robust, meaty texture, the Thresher Shark proves to be an ideal canvas for our meticulous smoking process. Each steak is carefully unloaded, filleted, and then subjected to our unique in-house smoking process—a tradition spanning three generations. This careful craftsmanship ensures that the resulting smoked Thresher Shark steaks are not only deliciously moist but also infused with a rich, nuanced flavor that captivates the palate.


Giovanni's Smoked Thresher Shark has become a cherished favorite among our customers. The artful combination of the shark's natural mildness and the expertise of our in-house smoking process results in a culinary masterpiece that elevates this seafood to new heights.


Whether enjoyed on its own or as a star ingredient in various recipes, Giovanni's Smoked Thresher Shark offers a gourmet experience that reflects our dedication to providing exceptional seafood. Order online today and indulge in the sublime flavors of our Smoked Thresher Shark—a manifestation of the culinary legacy that defines Giovanni's Fish Market.





Smoked Thresher Shark

1 Pound
Out of Stock
  • House-Smoked with Fruitwood. Fillets will be individually vacuum sealed in 1-pound portions.