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Feel Like A Splurge?

Shop the "Splurge Collection" that includes our favorite seafood delicacies.

Save $20 on your order and the dry ice is gratis! Online Only Coupon Code: SPLURGE21 Minimum Order $150

Expires 7/31/2021

Our Wild Abalone comes from Baja California, Mexico. The Abalone is stripped, trimmed, pounded and tenderized to perfection! Available in 2 oz and 4 oz steaks. Ships frozen.

Jumbo Diver Scallops are considered the best scallops in the world by chef's in the know. Try some for yourself, today and see why. Ships frozen.

Australian Lobster Tails - 16 to 20 oz. Prized as the finest lobster tail in the world. These lobsters are known for their rich, sweet, succulent and tender taste. Perfect size for a main course.

Australian Lobster Tail 10-12 oz., same as described above but smaller. These are the perfect size to accompany a steak. Very easy to cook and can be prepared on the BBQ, broiled in the oven or boiled.

Freshwater Jumbo Prawns are lobster sized shrimp! These colossal shrimp taste sweet and juicy and great for the BBQ. 4-6 per pound. Ships frozen.

The highly prized Alaskan Red King Crab meat is one of the hardest items to find online. This treasured meat is hand-picked from the largest and shoulder section of the King crab leg.

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